Team Health Check


We believe our Team Health Check is unique in focussing on the core requirements for high performance. The heart of our Health Check is an online questionnaire that was developed by our occupational psychologist friends at Smithfield Performance.  They identified 9 factors that are the precursors to high performance and they tested and validated their questionnaire doing all that factor analysis and correlational stuff that psychologists love....

3 steps to health

  • Each team member completes the online questionnaire;
  • Centre for Team Performance runs a short workshop with the whole team; we review the data together, asses the relative strengths and weaknesses of the team and identify the areas where performance improvement can be made
  • We produce a report for each team member. The report includes a wealth of insight and covers:
    • an analysis of the team's current state of health  
    • a summary of the gap analysis and action plan agreed by the team as part of their workshop
    • additional recommendations for consideration that were identified by our consultants throughout the Health Check process.

The Team Health Check process will provide you with a practical roadmap for performance improvement and a shared understanding throughout the team of the factors that are important for success.

The 9 factors we analyse are:

  1. Clarity and ownership of strategy and direction
  2. Effectiveness of decision making
  3. Clarity of roles & goals
  4. Efficacy of processes for getting things done
  5. Effectiveness of team coaching
  6. Harnessing team collaboration
  7. Harnessing team competition
  8. Strength of the team 'glue' (levels of trust and resilience)
  9. Extent of the team's connectedness to the wider business