Executive Coaching


Coaching empowers people. It helps them deal with change and to find solutions to business challenges using their own resources. Great coaching requires a collaborative agreement between the coach and the client (or ‘coachee’) - a strong and trusting relationship between the two parties. It can be hard work. It should definitely be challenging. The coach is the catalyst for change - he or she won’t tell the individual being coached 'the answers'. Instead, they will use one-to-one conversations and guided questioning to unlock the coachee's potential.

Coaching is a powerful learning method. We find that people who have been coached themselves often become better at helping others to reflect and learn, which has the effect of improving the performance of the whole team.

Coaching adds best value when it is not an open-ended arrangement. Typically, we offer six coaching sessions of up to a half day each, spaced over a 12-18 month period. At that point, we recommend a review with all parties; coaching would continue for a further defined period only if there was unanimous agreement that it continued to add value.

Our coaches are flexible; each has a slightly different approach, and we work hard to ensure that there is a good ‘fit’ between coach and client. We maintain a network of coaches from different business sectors, all with a particular enthusiasm for coaching and with experience of working at all levels up to board level. Our principal executive coaching partner is Martin Howden Executive Coaching