Critical Thinking Workshops


We also offer support as you action the areas flagged for attention by the Team Health Check. This is usually best done through facilitated workshops where we work together with team members to think through each area identified for improvement in a structured fashion.

Workshops are designed to drill down into the core issues facing the team, to help each member develop a clear understanding of the issues and to commit to an agreed plan of action. Workshops are highly interactive and our facilitators have a deep understanding of organisational design and behaviour to underpin their facilitation skills.

Typically, teams require objective external support when working through the following areas:

  • Building trust within the team
  • Clarifying and articulating the vision
  • Aligning strategy
  • Making change happen
  • Making good decisions
  • Solving problems
  • Becoming a more resilient team
  • Keeping conflict positive

Organisations who engage us to run critical thinking workshops as a result of completing our Team Health Check are automatically offered a free ‘re-test’ of  team health after 6-9 months. This allows the team to celebrate progress and the organisation to measure return on investment.