About teams


Centre for Team Performance exists to help organisations build better teams.  Not because that gives us a warm, cozy glow (although it does!) but because the difference between a high performing team and a poorly performing one is huge: huge for the bottom line, huge for the customer's experience and huge for the team members themselves. 

Add to that the facts that every team is made up of a bunch of unique and diverse people who won't automatically 'gel' and that the business environment is increasingly volatile;  it becomes easy to see that teams need support to become - and remain - high performing. 

We work with lots of teams every year. Many are senior leadership teams in SME's with high growth potential.   We see two recurring patterns:

  • Great teams who simply need an external view to help them think a bit more objectively and creatively
  • Teams with great potential who are unable to grow their company in the way they would like because of key issues they need to address. Typically, the issues are around:
    • leadership behaviours
    • unclear strategic direction
    • broken or missing processes

Our consultants take pride in working alongside leadership teams to develop the skills and attitudes required to support sustainable growth.